Paris Hilton Becomes Kim Kardashian’s Clone in New Yeezy Campaign (PHOTOS)

Adding to the latest Kim Kardashian’s lookalikes is none other than Paris Hilton who Kim calls ‘OG’

Well, Kim Kardashian’s lookalikes often come to the scene since the reality star is much famous in the world and is widely known for her stunning style statements. The latest lookalike is none other than the former frenemy Paris Hilton whom Kim calls ‘the OG’. The heiress becomes Kardashian clone in new Yeezy campaign.  The two ladies always reveal and on social media they keep on showing that their rivalry was the thing of the past and now they share good rapport.


Kim Kardashian’s lookalikes
Photos Source: People Magazine

Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star, 37, recently shared latest pictures of the Yeezy Season 6 campaign on her Twitter and Instagram accounts in which Paris did the modeling being clad and posing in same style as Kim had done in the initial promotion for husband Kanye West’s latest collection.

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Kim Kardashian’s lookalikes
Photo Source: People Magazine

Kardashian calls Hilton ‘the OG’ (original) while sharing her photos in which she is found copying one of Kim’s paparazzi shots.


Kim Kardashian’s lookalikes
Photo Source: People Magazine

Paris, 36, tweeted about it, writing that it was fun being Kim Kardashian clone. Well, often it is witnessed that many of the women from entertainment copy Kim’s style.

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