Scene: A Foreigner’s Visit to Emperor Jahangir’s Tomb

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Jahangir’s Tomb is among the much-visited and heart-hitting eye pleasing monuments of Pakistan. Read this scene set at the tomb, which will let you tread along with the writer to visit the place

It is a bright sunny day in the ongoing winter season. It is around 1 ‘o’ clock noon time, and a number of people can be seen at the much-visited monument of Lahore – Jahangir’s Tomb. Students from various universities, colleges and schools can also be seen at the tomb, taking deep interest in the life of the late emperor of the sub-continent by visiting his grave and the entire place. Abundance of foreigners is also there, wearing their traveler’s bags on their shoulders. A handsome quantity of the locals is laying and sitting on the grassy grounds of the tomb just to enjoy the bright sun and see the outsiders out there.

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A clean-shaved chocolaty-looking man, wearing a brown long warm coat matching it quite handsomely with brown trouser and placing a pipe within his lips, enters into the tomb. He keeps puffing the pipe and making round circles of the smoke in the air. The moment he steps into the ground, where the locals are sitting, there emerges a big sound of the people, calling his name with respect ‘Tanveer Sahib’. He steps forward to the locals and greets to all of them very warmly. Few locals accompany him in his walk. While marching towards the grave of the late emperor, Tanveer bumps into a foreigner, who is clicking the pictures of the best parts of the monument.

Jahangir’s Tomb

Excuse me. Do you like this place? Guess, you are quite attracted to it….is it so?

Hmmm…yup, replies the foreigner excitedly

You’re Mr…..? (Tanveer asks the foreigner being curious about his name)

I’m John….John Smith

Nice to meet you John

Same here

I’m sorry to say you people don’t give much attention to your heritage and historical places. I’ve visited your country number of times, but I’m disappointed, seeing the bad condition of your heritage. You people are quite rich as far as your heritage is concerned.

Oh, man, you’ve studied our country a lot, says Tanveer to John quite jokingly

But, yes, I agree with you….our government doesn’t take any interest in preserving the monuments, that’s why everyone including the foreigners are found complaining about it.

Hearing Tanveer and John discussing on the monuments, a local lands into the talk and says, “John, if you visit the walled cities of our country, you’ll get more disappointed….man. Our streets, sewerage system, administration and even education system … everything’s simply worse. Government only focuses on metropolitan cities – rest of the country’s condition is worsening.  It’s horrible.”

John, who was earlier disappointed for the bad condition of the heritage, starts thinking inside to visit the walled cities of Pakistan during his remaining stay in this country. Tanveer asks the two to sip a cup of coffee, while making big circles of the smoke from his pipe, letting John seek the answer of his questions.

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